The Best Solana Wallets For iOS, Android, and Desktop

What is the best wallet app for Solana? Learn which Solana wallets we recommend in this roundup article.
July 15, 2022
Best Solana wallets of 2022

When it comes to choosing the best Solana wallet for your needs, there are many options available. But with so many choices, which one should you choose? We’ve tested and reviewed the most popular Solana wallets, and the results were surprising!

Not all wallets are created equal. Some are better for iOS users, while others are better for Android users. Some wallets even include direct integration with Solana swaps, NFTs, and Defi applications. How do you know which is the right wallet for your SOL?

In this roundup, we’ll give you our top seven picks for the best Solana wallets of 2022. We will be reviewing wallets based on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Core functionality
  • Security
  • UX
  • Compatibility
  • Accessibility

With that being said, let’s go ahead and dive in. Here are our top seven picks for the Best Solana Wallet of 2022.

Worst Solana Wallet: Slope (Scam)

Slope Wallet is responsible for the Solana wallet hack that lead to over 9,000 people getting their wallets drained.

You can read more about the Slope wallet hack here.


Ledger Wallet is a popular crypto wallet that is known for its security and ease of use. It is one of the most popular Solana-compatible hardware wallets on the market, and it has many features that make it stand out from the competition.

Hardware wallets offer additional security for your crypto, and Ledger is no different in that regards. With Ledger, you have to confirm each transaction manually on your device whenever you send funds. Since physical interaction is necessary, you mitigate the risks of hackers getting access to your wallet.

The downside, of course, is that manually confirming a transaction adds precious seconds to the process. If you have to liquidate an NFT or quickly close a position, you might find that this extra time makes it difficult to rely on Ledger as a primary wallet.

Personally, I use my Ledger every day and even have my ledger linked with Phantom. I have to say, the Ledger Live software is pretty incredible, and the development team is putting in a lot of work into making Ledger more compatible with the Solana ecosystem.

Ledger (Solana Wallet)


Phantom is a mobile wallet for Solana that offers a convenient way for users of all skill levels to manage and interact with their Solana assets. It was one of the first Solana wallets available on iOS.

One thing we really enjoy about Phantom is the ability to easily search for validators to stake with right inside the app., allows users to stake SOL directly from the app.

In addition, Phantom wallet includes a handy NFT gallery to view your collection within the app.

With its ease of use and security, Phantom is perfect for anyone looking for a great mobile Solana wallet.

Phantom wallet on Solana


Glow is a brand new Solana wallet that is geared towards NFR. The app (which is available on desktop and mobile) gives you a more detailed look at your NFT collection with direct integration from the Magic Eden NFT marketplace.

One of my favorite features about Glow is the Safari browser extension. Instead of creating an entirely separate browser to connect to decentralized apps, you can simply install the Glow extension on Safari connect to apps without needing to leave your mobile browser.

Glow is still a relatively new Solana wallet, so expect the feature list to expand as time goes on. From what we can tell, the team is building out new features that are specifically targeted towards NFT collectors. They even released an NFT of their own, which is free to mint as long as you have the wallet downloaded.

Glow wallet on Solana

Solflare Wallet

Solflare is a powerful Solana wallet that is responsible for a lot of the technical innovations in wallet space. Available on all platforms, Solflare offers powerful direct integrations with FTX, NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden, and even hardware wallets such as ledger.

In addition to being jam packed with features, Solflare is backed by a solid development team that is actively involved in the Solana community. The team has a history of launching reputable projects on Solana, including Solrise and the SLRS token.

One of my favorite things about Solflare is the ability to connect with your FTX account. Instead of needing to login to FTX to access your funds, you can simply open Solflare to view and transact with your balances.


Sollet was the first web based wallet on Solana and is credited as being the first major innovator in the space. Sollet is now listed as a development wallet and is not recommended for new Solana users since it lacks some of the basic security features of more user friendly wallets such as Phantom or Solflare.

  • First web based Solana wallet
  • Powerful wallet for developers
  • Not recommended for new users.

I’ll always have fond memories of using Sollet back in the day, but it’s no longer my wallet of choice these days. I also rarely use it now, since other wallets have caught up in terms of functionality.

Even the Sollet team agrees that Sollet should only be used for development purposes.


Nightly is an upcoming wallet on the Solana blockchain that is currently in beta mode. We got a chance to test the app as part of this roundup article, and we enjoyed our time spent testing it! It is an interesting wallet built for both Solana and NEAR blockchains.

The team behind Nightly touts high quality code, speed, and accessibility as their core advantages versus other Solana wallets. They even claim to be up to 5x faster than other wallet alternatives.

Only time will tell whether or not Nightly earns it’s spot as a top rated Solana wallet. We are excited to follow the project more and see what else the team has in store for us users.

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Glow wallet on Solana
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