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A curated collection of cool projects building on the Solana blockchain

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Documenting Solana

one project at a time.

Soladex is a collaborative effort to explore and document the best projects in the Solana Ecosystem.

01 Selection

The Solana community decides which project we review next through a vote

02 Research

We spend time learning and understanding the mechanics behind the project

03 Publish

Our team writes a high quality user guide that is informative and easy to follow

04 Reward

We use our validator rewards to pay content creators for their submissions

Soladex adds value to the Solana ecosystem

Empowering creators

The Solana ecosystem is growing at an unprecedented rate, with new projects launching every day. This is creating a new demand for engaging, high quality content. Soladex meets that demand by providing monetary incentives for submitting user guides, tutorials, and project reviews.

Benefiting projects

Marketing your project can be extremely costly, especially for teams that want to avoid raising seed capital to fund their promotion efforts. Soladex levels the playing field by actively promoting the projects that deserve it most.

Supporting Solana

We set out to create a platform that embodies our passion for the Solana ecosystem. From day one our team has focused on long term, sustainable growth without raising any seed capital.