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The year is 1948. The Noosphere, an espionage device to spy on axis powers. An Invention of humankind deployed for the greater good of all men… has turned rouge. The Company lured in the greatest minds of the century to develop such a mechanism, but the technology has proven far too powerful for men. Since its inception the Noosphere has learned all. She has learned the ways of the world, the good, and the evil; the just and the wicked. She is the merciless judge, jury and executioner of all. The Seers have foretold of this event, where all of men’s minds, bodies, and souls; pasts, presents and futures will collect and become as one. The Collective, Singularity, The… Metaverse. This is the end to man’s existence as we know it. This is Cyborgeddon. The end is near.
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