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The Aphid ecosystem utilizes the aBion token on Solana to power digital bots to work tasks to earn money for
Aphid introduces a new way of saving time without sacrificing money. Your digital bots known as “aClones” work multiple tasks for you online at the same time. Receive same-day payouts when tasks are completed successfully. A person or business who manages their aClones is known as a Controller. Assign tasks to your aClones with plugins from the “Aptera” marketplace. Automate ways to earn money ranging from finance trading, e-commerce, and more. Aptera is the plugin marketplace for your aClones. Developers create task plugins for the community of Controllers to install to their aClones. The aBion is the digital token used to power tasks for your aClones. Each time your bot is summoned in the network for a task, a small fraction of your aBion balance is used to power the action.



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