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Audius is one of the most popular apps in the crypto space, and the Solana Foundation is excited to welcome
Audius is the latest project to move over to Solana and has been growing rapidly, now with over 1 million monthly listeners. Audius is creating a fully decentralized community of artists, developers, and listeners collaborating to share and defend the world's music. Using Audius, creators can generate immutable and time-stamped records for creative works and register assets.


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How to Use Audius: A Beginners Guide

Audius is a decentralized music streaming service that is powered by the blockchain technology. The reason for a decentralized music application is not just because they is a daily increase in the use of blockchains or because building a decentralized is the new cool. By building a software like Audius on a decentralized network like Ethereum and Solana, there is an opportunity to leverage this technology to improve the way people can release their songs without fear of being censored, a transparent and fair way to receive payment for artists.  

To create your Audius account is simple. You will have to provide your email account where login details will be sent. Follow the processes and your account will be created easily.  (Please note that Audius does not keep your password with them and you must keep it safe else your account will never be accessible once password is lost).  

After you have successfully created an account and have logged in, you will get this view below. This is your profile page where you get to personalize your experience on Audius.  

At your Profile page after logging into Audius account, you can edit some things that you want to appear in your Profile information. The Bell-shaped button above represents your notification feed where you get an update to whatever has happened on to your Audius account. As spotted in my account above, I just got followed by two other Audius users.

If you prefer a different appearance, you can change the application’s display from the default light mode to Dark mode. 

You can also select the option to download the Audius Desktop App if you do not want the browser version like the type I’m using. 

If your Twitter or your Instagram account is already verified, you can just connect that verified account to your Audius profile provided they have the same username. This is a faster and easy method of verifying the account of users on Audius. 

You can also Change the password of your Audius account or send an Account Recovery email to an email address you can access just in case you forget your password. under this “Settings” category.  

Audius gives out some $AUDIO tokens to users with trending songs from different categories. $AUDIO is the native cryptocurrency token used by created for Audius and the users of the platform.  

Click on the $AUDIO & Rewards section to see the list of songs and artists picked for the week. (Your song or favorite Artist’s song might be featured…)

Your Feed is a collection of songs that have been tailored to your preferences. You repost and like any song. 

These are the top songs in the trending category. 

In the Explore section, there are many categories of music for you to choose from. These songs are grouped according to what the category is named with. An example is TOP ALBUMS category. This is a category filled with Albums of different musicians because of their measure of commercial success. In contrast, UNDER THE RADAR is a category for tracks that haven’t found their way into limelight since they have been released or songs from new artists that are not yet well-known. 

This category is for songs that are gaining popularity daily.

This is a list of songs you have “Liked”. They are saved in your library of tracks for easy access.  

If you are an Artist like me (Even though my career ended way before it started), you can upload your song to Audius through your account. 

After getting your track set up digitally, click on “Upload Track”. Drag-and-drop the track in the space provided below. Or click on “browse to upload” to scan through the files on your device. 

You can select free artworks from the ones provided if you don’t have a customized image. This is a requirement. 

Wait while it is being uploaded to the Application. 

Once it has been uploaded, you now have your song available for people to listen to. You can share it and get people listening to your music through the Audius application.  

Oh, in case you want to listen to my Debut Single titled “Fire in the Booth”, check it out with this link:



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