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Helps people launch and get into the NFT community without the barrier of technical knowledge or high cost of development. 
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Payment processing platform for merchants, providing a fast and secure way to accept cryptocurrency payments on Solana.


NFTs went mainstream in 2021 with a lot of people interested in buying, selling or just creating art as NFTs for the fun of it. The process of creating NFTs on a blockchain is known as “minting”. If you have ever thought of creating your own NFT collection, then you might have learnt that you need to do what is called ”mint”. 

Minting is a process whereby your item (artwork, GIF, document etc) is turned into a format that makes it transferable on a blockchain. Minting turns your item into an asset that now exists on a blockchain network. 

Let’s say you want your NFT to be a collection of 10,000 items which you want to launch publicly, you need to create a smart contract for that. 

Most NFT project founders are not developers (some are artists) and this poses an issue in the development of their NFT project. Since minting an NFT is technical, these founders have to look around for developers to help them create the code necessary for making these collections. Also, before the NFT arrives at the minting stage, there is a need for a proper setting up of the front-end, smart contracts and other necessary arrangements which can be time consuming and costly for the project founder. 

Main Features

Built on the Solana blockchain network, CandyPay seeks to help people launch and get into the NFT community without the barrier of technical knowledge or high cost of development. 

Built on the Metaplex Candy Machine v2 standard and the novel Solana Pay, CandyPay has two products – a no-code NFT minting tool and the CandyPay API for developers to use CandyPay solution in their minting app. CandyPay was the 4th Place Winner in the Payments Track at the Solana SummerCamp Hackathon of 2022. 

For project creators and founders who seek to avoid the cost of launchpads, they can make use of the no-code tool for their collection by simply providing the values necessary like wallet address, number of NFTs and many more. The CandyPay DApp is free for Project founders and developers. But for direct users, there is a fee of 2%. 

CandyPay also has the whitelist feature being used by projects to determine who gets to mint their NFT project first. 

Creating a Gasless NFT collection with CandyPay

Firstly, create a CandyPay account in the web app and sign up so we can access the software 

Check your Mail for the link sent and login with it. 

Click on the “Gasless Collection” button as shown in the image below. (The Candy Machine is also a way to mint NFT just like we are trying to do with the Gasless Collection) 

In this section, we are going to put in the details of the NFT you want to launch. The following are the fields you need to include in this description section:

NFT Name (required) – The name of the NFT 

NFT Description – What the NFT is about 

Wallet Address – Your Solana wallet address

Symbol – A representation of your NFT(this is what is shown in wallets and marketplaces)

Royalty Fee –  This is the recurrent fee sent to your wallet address on every resale on the NFT

Collection size (required) – The total number of NFTs in the collection 

External URL – Input a link you want your NFTs to have

Network – The Solana network (Mainnet for public release, Devnet for testing)

NFT Image (required) – The NFT image 

Select “Continue”. (You can also edit how you want your QR Code to look like)

Using the QR Code

Scan the QR Code on your mobile device to create the NFT as a test. 

When a QR Code is scanned by the receiver of the NFT, it automatically downloads and keeps the NFT in the receiver’s wallet. (You can make edits to alter how the QR Code should look)

By clicking continue, we are to pay some SOL to create the entire 5 NFTs of the collection. 

Scan this QR Code with your mobile wallet app (Phantom, Solflare or Glow preferably)

Approve the transaction and you’d get a Success alert on . 

Check Collection Dashboard for QR Code or use link 

Claiming an NFT using the CandyPay QR Code

To claim the NFT requires scanning of the QR Code using one’s wallet. Send this link or the QR Code image to those who wants to mint the NFT. 


CandyPay abstracts the technicalities involved in creating NFTs. With this tool, the cost of making an NFT is reduced and made affordable. It also helps in reducing launch time for project founder. 


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