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Portal to NFT-gated communities. Powered by Solana.
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Before Chataverse, communities paid for bots and plug-ins to verify and approve new members. Chataverse combines these operations into one app, allowing the user to complete everything from token verification to on-chain voting,


Have you ever thought of having an enclosed environment with friends based on the NFTs you all have in common? Chataverse, a token-gated mobile application has been built as an MVP that works excellently well for this purpose. 

Many popular social apps like Discord and Twitter used by blockchain-based projects were not built with web3 concepts in mind. This is not the fault of these apps but it is as a result of the recency of blockchain applications and the different paradigms that comes with the new niche.  

Once there is a community created in the blockchain ecosystem, mostly through a cryptocurrency or a collection of NFTs common to people, there is a high tendency that the holders of these tokens might want to create a community for themselves since they are like minded individuals interested in the same cause. 

Chataverse was developed o help users manage their processes effectively through its inbuilt community management tools. Prior to Chataverse, communities had to pay for bots and plug-ins to able to verify and approve of their memberships in the community they are interested in joining. Chataverse directly integrates these processes in the app from its token verification system he ability of voting on-chain. You can vote in the community you belong to whenever there is a proposal available. Additionally, with a logical ordering of people’s wallet addresses as organized from the wallets in a community, it is easier to airdrop tokens to their members now with Chataverse. 

Using Chataverse App

Chataverse is still under development and this version was installed using the TestFlight mode for the iOS device. Download the app and connect your wallet. (You can select either phantom for Solana or other available wallets for Ethereum). 

After connecting your wallet, you need to setup your name (Chataverse ID) and in the next page add your profile picture. 

We will be using this NFT that I have in my Ethereum wallet called ”Chataverse Alpha Access Cap” to show how the app works. 

By clicking on the “Create New Post” symbol at the lower right side of the app you can create posts with images that can be visible to others who have the same NFT from the collection. 

In the Feed section, you can see all the posts of others who have access to that token.

Spaces section leads you to the channels you can access with the kind of token you have in your wallet. You can also create channels in this section. 

Creating New Group for the homies at Dean’s List. 

You can also click on your profile page and make changes to it if necessary. 

Finally, you can link additional wallets to work on the app without logging any wallet out. 


Chataverse has shown that it is possible to have an application that helps solve many UX problems facing the blockchain ecosystem. It helps you interact socially and also perform transactions in a single application based on your community preferences. With a “.chats” account name, you can easily send and receive tokens. With Chataverse, all your wallets across different blockchains can be aggregated into your profile. 


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