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Decentralized short video social networking application available on the App Store and Google Playstore
Chingari is a decentralized short video social networking application. It is a mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Originally launched in the year 2018, it was redesigned and relaunched officially in 2020.  Since its launch, Chingari has gotten over a hundred million downloads across all platforms with over 35 million active users.


Introducing Chingari Social Media App

Chingari is a decentralized short video social networking application. It is a mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Originally launched in the year 2018, it was redesigned and relaunched officially in 2020.  Since its launch, Chingari has gotten over a hundred million downloads across all platforms with over 35 million active users.

Chingari is an interactive social network which makes it easy for people to share short video clips of about 15 to 45 seconds and upload original audio that can be used for content creation by other users on the app. Chingari also has many blockchain-based features that would be explained later in this article.

Using Chingari App          

Anyone can use Chingari for anything possible according to its specified terms and conditions. Content creators can make short videos showing how to cook a particular dish, dance, drawing and sketches, entertainments, education and many more.  All these activities that can be performed on Chingari can be done under two major category for more engagements and participations that reaches others.

1. Chingari Trends: Another name for this is the Chingari Challenge. Users can participate in a trend or a challenge by adding the current trending hashtag to a video or audio they want to post.

2. Chingari Duet: This is the collaborative feature on Chingari. It enables two different people with different devices to create one video in a single frame.

3. Video-Sharing: Chingari makes it easy for their users to share videos that have been created to other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Getting Started with Chingari  

Chingari is a mobile app available for free download on Google Play Store and on App Store. Open the app store of the mobile device you are using then search for Chingari. Select the Video-sharing app and install it.  After installing it, launch it and create and account. You can create a profile using your mobile number or email. You can also create an account using the “Signup with Apple” or “Signup with Google”. After signing up successfully, you can choose your preferred language from the list of about 15 international languages you can select from.

Chingari builds on Solana

To make a decentralized payment system for users to earn on Chingari, there is a need to implement a blockchain-based feature.

Solana is one of the fastest and highly performant blockchains in the world. It is capable of handling large requests that would be needed on Chingari network.

With its cheap transaction fee and fast confirmation time, Solana is capable of handling the demands that would be required by Chingari even if it scales to more millions of users.

What is GARI Token  

It is not new that all the major social network sites pay close to nothing to their content creators when they are the ones keeping the applications interesting and useful for the general users. With a token system that is native to web3, content creators can be getting paid with respect to their contributions on an application.  

Chingari has a native token for its social network called GARI. This token is built on the Solana blockchain. By creating a token for Chingari app, it is possible for content creators on the social networking app to get paid by their activities based on their usage of the app and their positive contribution to make the community lively through the video and audio contents shared.

With this token, active users of the application can vote in decisions that affects them as the creators on Chingari. Any updates that needs to be made and directions that should be followed can be voted on by the holders of GARI token.  

Chingari raised about $40 million in its initial public sale through its GARI token. With this fund, the team will be able to employ more and improve its global reach.

Incentives based on $GARI    

Apart from the ability to trade the GARI token, you can earn it through different mechanisms that has been set in place to boost engagements with Chingari. By creating content yourself such as videos and audios, watching uploaded videos on the application, you can earn the token.

Here are 8 ways that you can earn the $GARI token:

  • Log in to Chingari on your mobile device.
  • Make a video and post it to the platform
  • Share your uploaded video to others
  • Watch other videos on your feed
  • Like other people’s videos
  • Share other people’s videos
  • Comment on other’s video posts
  • Follow people with interesting content

All these are some ways to earn GARI. These activities are common things on major social media apps. The difference is that unlike Chingari, users on web2 apps are not compensated.

You can continue earning GARI tokens in your wallet without withdrawing and you can also convert it into physical cash through the various exchanges available through which you can withdraw into. After sending the token into an exchange, you can convert it into the currency that you want it changed into.

A daily pool of 50,000 tokens is allocated to reward users for their daily activities such as logging in, liking, posting and sharing posts on Chingari.

Chingari also implements non-fungible tokens for users to multiply their daily earnings. Sold as GARI Badges, these NFTs are in different levels such as Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold and Diamond which offers a user multiples of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 10x respectively.

Chingari Wallet

The Chingari Wallet was developed to easily facilitate the sending and receiving of GARI token from one person to another. Since the token system requires a wallet infrastructure to enable these actions, Chingari built a Wallet feature based on Solana blockchain network. With the in-app Wallet, users of Chingari app won’t need to connect to external wallets to be able to send or receive GARI tokens. 

Tipping Creators

While speaking on the introduction of the wallet, Sumit Ghosh, the CEO of Chingari said “The existing and new users will be able to Tip the other creators, boost their profile, gain governance rights…”. This feature is now available. 

To tip, click on the Creator’s profile and tap the “Send A Tip” button. Enter the amount you want to tip the creator as shown in the image below. 

The recipient will get the tipped tokens in their Chingari wallet.


Chingari is both for content creators and the regular social media user. It’s a great way to access and provide entertainment and education from different users across the globe. With Chingari, not only are you able to create contents with ease, you can earn from the contents based on the number of likes, the comments and the general engagements received as a result of what you have posted. For others who don’t post content actively, they can earn by watching videos, sharing videos, liking and commenting on other people’s uploads. Chingari makes use of Solana blockchain technology to enable a great reward allocation system. This shows how effective Web3 is in the distribution of rewards to revolutionize the creators’ economy. 


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