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Capture-&-Earn model coming to the Solana blockchain
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CINI allows you to capture a photo and develop it with a Film Roll NFT, which mints your photo directly to the blockchain as an NFT and displays it in your profile. You can then list your Photo NFTs on our marketplace to earn CINI tokens.


Introducing CINI

CINI is a new Camera and Social App. The demo was launched during the last Solana Summer Camp hackathon. The team took 2nd place in the Mobile implementation category. 

Photographers have been one of the driving forces of the creator economy over the years. With the advent of the internet, creators have been able to share their images to the world with just a few steps. However, many photographers and creators have not been getting rewarded as expected.

With this new Web3 based application, creators are able to easily sell their pictures easily. This is made possible by the implementation of a Capture-&-Earn model. By building CINI as a Web3 application, a creator can take pictures and earn money easily. 

This approach to content creation with Solana blockchain is helpful because in the common social media applications, photographers do not earn much from the pictures they post online.

Even though they are one of those making those apps lively, they get little to no compensation for their contributions. With Solana, they’ve been able to develop the Capture-&-Earn model excellently and will be launched 

What is Capture-&-Earn?

CINI uses the blockchain enabled Capture-&-Earn model to create a platform where photographers can post their works, interact socially with other creators and those who love collecting pictures and artworks. 

With CINI, a photographer can capture a photo and develop it with a Film Roll NFT. This Fill Roll NFT helps in minting your photo directly from your mobile phone to the Solana blockchain as an NFT and keeps track of it in your profile page as one of the pictures you own. 

This Film Roll NFT comes with different kinds of styles and image filters that can give you distinct film camera modes for unique experiences. 

After the photos have appeared on your profile, you can proceed to list them on the CINI marketplace to earn CINI tokens. Apart from being able to earn CINI tokens on your collected photos, you will also be entitled to royalties that come from future sales of those photos you have produced. Sweet? Yes. 

CINI as a Social App

With CINI, not only do you create your photos as NFTs for sale, you can also build a following over time. It makes the application a community forall creators and photographers to explore and follow people whose works they have found excellent and interesting. 

Future Plans for CINI

Launch MVP

As shown in the demo above, CINI is still running its beta version on the Solana testnet network. After the development is completed, the mobile app will be released for the entire public on the major app stores.

User Acquisition

By creating incentives around User’s activities on the CINI app such as referring friends, sharing pictures to other social media platforms and by participating in CINI-based competitions, more users will be introduced to the application.


The CINI team will release the CINI brand and feature items for photographers. They will also ensure they host real life photo walks and photo exhibitions for their creators.


The CINI application team is made up of two Front-end developers, Dan and Ting, two product designers – Wade and Cavin, and Yolanda who holds the community management role. Lastly, there’s Peter, the full stack engineer in the team.


CINI is a new application with the aim of disrupting the photography industry with its novel approach to how creators get compensated rightly for their works. By creating a picture to NFT model which can be turned to earnings in the CINI marketplace, creators and collectors now have a more leveled playground in terms of the products and value they bring into the economy.


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