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GRAPE is a protocol for building token-based membership communities on the Solana blockchain.
GRAPE is a decentralized social networking protocol to create, reward, and secure any online community by harnessing the power of Solana. $GRAPE is a currency that powers the Great Ape social eco system and is a utility token that can be used to access our suite of community building features. These features will also be offered to other communities in exchange for project tokens, etc...


$GRAPE Tokenomics

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Grape is a Social Network Tool with the aim of creating, rewarding and securing any online community. Grape protocol has been consistent in delivering this goal in the Solana ecosystem. This project leverages the current popular social networks like Discord and Telegram. Grape has these four items in their mission:

  1. To bring more people into Solana
  2. To support the growth and adoption of Solana projects
  3. To provide educational materials related to building, using and investing on Solana blockchain ecosystem. 
  4. Plans to grow the Grape community (and Solana ecosystem as a whole) through collaboration 

That might sound a little ambiguous, but as we move further in this article, you will get to know what Grape has really built and what they are still going to build. 

Grape Access

Communities are defined as having at least one common interest for all members. This common interest is what makes a community a ‘community’.  An example is the Degenerate Ape Academy, who requires users to have a Degen Ape NFT or a Degen Trash Panda. These are artworks made into non-fungible tokens.

Some NFT projects want only their holders to see and access their channels. In Grape’s Discord server, for example, every member of the server can see the discussions that have taken place or is ongoing in the DAO Chat but they cannot type nor contribute in that channel. They are not allowed to participate in any of the voting that takes place for charting the course of the protocol also.

For Project Founders

For communities that have a Discord Server, they can create their own personalized channels that can be accessed based on different criteria. By using your Solana SPL token or Solana NFT as the determinant of these access levels, you will be able to grant and restrict access to your discord server. To start with the setup your server, Fill the form in this link.

Grape Dashboard Application (Data Visualization)

After connecting your wallet to the application, the following are items you will see displayed in the app. 

  • A dashboard of the Solana SPL tokens and NFTs you own
  • Gated Communities where you are a participant

Grape DAO 

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a structure put in place for the decision-making activities of a community. Just like the board that directs the affairs of a traditional company, a DAO can make proposals and vote on matters that affects a project and its community. Verified members of the Grape protocol can create proposals, vote on proposals and decide on reward sharing mechanisms for the work done by the workers on the platform.

This leads us to the Job aspects of Grape.

Grape Freelance Economy

On the “Decentralizing the Gig Economy with Grape” article, the Grape protocol team explained some of the concepts behind this initiative. 

Since the Grape Community is a token-based membership type of commin3

Firstly, there is a membership role called the “Skill Role” or “Gorilla Role” for those holding greater than 5000 $Grape token. With this membership, a user is included in a pool of people that can be considered for work requests. 

When there is a work request in the specialized channel for Work, those with the skill needed for the job can apply by sending in the solution. If there is a Design work request, designers will submit their work and it will be selected. 

Although the main concept in this freelance section is that for every submission, those who have worked on the job request will be given $Grape tokens as their reward for the job done. But currently this is not so.                                      


$GRAPE Token distribution is planned over 5 years for the first 700 million. After the 60th epoch (month), the DAO will decide how to allocate the remaining 300 million of Community rewards. The Token is distributed as follows:

  1. Team – 20%
  2. Raydium Emissions – 30%
  3. Community – 20%
  4. Private Sale – 12% 
  5. Future Emissions – 3% 
  6. IDO – 3% 

Grape NFT Marketplace

Grape launched its NFT marketplace to make the trading of non-fungible tokens easier for people. With three major sections, users are able to:

  1. Auction their NFTs: You can make an auctioning of your NFT just like you can do with holaplex. You can select the style you would like to use and the kind of NFT you would be auctioning. 
  2. My NFTs: In this section, you can choose the NFT you have I your wallet and sell it. Or you can just use this section to easily view all the NFTs inside your wallet.
  3. Artists: This is a section where you can view the wallet address of artists on the marketplace. It displays the NFT Artworks that has been created by that Artist. 


The norm with trading an NFT is by listing on a marketplace and then you wait, sometimes you might have to keep refreshing the marketplace website to check if your item sold. (Although some marketplaces have an email notification in place when a sale occurs).

One of the major features of selling your NFT in a marketplace like Magic Eden or Solanart is that you are transferring your NFT from your wallet into their own main wallet, it gets sold from their custody, they remove their share of the sale and transfer the rest to the wallet from which you listed it. 

Grape Protocol announced an NFT DEX, a next generation style of trading NFT that has two major features:

Non-Custodial Listings

  • Never Give up ownership of your NFTs: Grape NFT DEX won’t take your NFT from your wallet. It remains there even when you put it up for sale. 
  • Be included in every community airdrop that will be taking place since your wallet still contains your NFTs 
  • Since your NFTs would not leave your wallet until they are sold, you will able to maintain any role you have on the NFT project’s discord server because of the ownership of the NFT.
  • No need to list NFTs again since you can receive any offer on it at any time. 

Community Owned

  • Censorship is common for big NFT marketplaces. NFT projects can be easily flagged and removed from a platform. With the Grape NFT DEX, anyone can list anything and it won’t be removed. 
  • The DEX is easy to setup for NFT projects
  • Exchange Fee are sent directly to the community of the NFT Projects for any trade that occurs. 

(Please note: The Grape NFT DEX has not been launched officially)

Grape Protocol

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