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1-Click Automated Investment & Yield Farming for Everyone
Hawksight is a DeFi Yield Aggregator built on the Solana blockchain network. With this DApp, you are able to easily earn yields from your tokens through the DeFi protocols on Solana. 


$HAWK Tokenomics

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With the vaults built for everyone in mind, Hawksight helps users access the popular DeFi protocols and services on Solana and then optimizes them to produce strategies that yield profit with time. 

What is a vault?

A vault, part of the Hawksight app is a smart contract built to automate DeFi Strategies which enables you to earn yield on your assets. Instead of connecting across multiple protocols and participating in different processes to get yield on your tokens, Hawksight handles it automatically with its vault structure. 

Hawksight has three main use cases. These are stated below:

  1. The Hawksight DeFi application: This is the part that helps with the vault and strategies for earning yields on assets deposited. 
  2. DeFi-NFT: This is a collection of digital collectibles that helps new users get familiar with the decentralized finance paradigm. 
  3. GameFi Degen Pool: This makes DeFi more accommodating to people through activities that come with incentives.  

Why Hawksight?

One-Stop Shop

With Hawksight, you don’t need to stress on those boring processes that has become normal for most DApps such as staking tokens, bridging, depositing in pools, swapping and many more. You can now easily get the best possible profit on your SOL-USDC token pair by just selecting one of the four strategies available on the application. 

Flexible Deposits and Withdrawals

With Hawksight, there is no limit to the amount you can deposit. And after depositing, there is no locking of funds for a specified period of time. 

Truly Decentralized

The application is non-custodial. All your funds are at your control. The platform doesn’t restrict your assets in any way. 


Hawksight application has been reviewed by two auditing platforms – Certik and Sec3 in addition to thorough internal audits that have been carried out over time. 


Low asset volatility due to a high market capitalization,Zero expected impermanent loss (for single asset vaults), DeFi Platform with known track record and the Low-complexity tragedy. ​

Hawksight Protocol Fee

Hawksight charges a fee of 5% on Yield performance and a fee of 0.1% on when you withdraw funds. There are some other fees charged by Creators during the operation of Hawksight vaults as Protocol fees. Some of these fees are categorized under Valt management, Entry and Exit fees that are charged in the $HAWK token. 

$HAWK Token

$HAWK is used to vote on on-chain proposals for the platform. Fees collected on the application are also charged in $HAWK tokens. 

The NFT collection of Hawksight is called the Debonair Degen Hawks (DDH). Its utility is an access to the HawkDAO membership and for accessing the AI trading or social signals needed for trading NFTs and Cryptocurrencies in general. 

One of the major benefits of holding the DDH NFT is the access to Hawksight’s trading signals that are being used and relied upon directly and indirectly by hundreds of thousands to a million users .

Holder’s of rare NFTs are to receive the $HAWK for the duration of 12 months, ending in May of 2023

HAWK token distribution chart

HAWK Token Benefits

Some of the benefits of holding the utility token of Hawksight include but are not limited to the following:

  1. DeFi app revenue
  2. Protocol-owned-liquidity revenue
  3. HawkDAO crowdsourced vault revenue
  4. GameFi revenue: Hawksight Degen Pool rewards

How to buy HAWK

There are currently two different liquidity pools on Solana that you can utilize to buy $HAWK

Your first option is using the Serum orderbook to buy HAWK with USDC. You can also find a pool on Raydium: a popular Automated Market Maker, or AMM.

For newcomers, the easiest way to directly buy HAWK is by using Jupiter to check available swap paths to find the best rate. Because liquidity for HAWK is relatively low, there might be a meaningful difference in which pool you use to buy your tokens.

Debonair Degen Hawks NFT

Hawksight is working on a variety of different tools and programs for the Solana ecosystem, including an NFT access card. Once you have the NFT in your wallet, you can lock them up in return for a daily payout in HAWK.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get in early on a project with a lot of ambition.

Make sure you do a calculation to determine which card is the best value for your price point. In my case, it was much cheaper to get multiple Prime level cards instead of buying the next rarity up.

Users will be able to stake their $HAWK in the future as well to earn an even higher yield! There are currently four different access cards. Each one provides the holder with a steady stream of HAWK token.

You do not have to do anything once you have staked your NFT on the DDH portal. Your balance will continue to grow until the rewards period is over (May 2023)

How much $HAWK you earn depends on the rarity of your NFTs being staked. Here are the payout levels provided by the tool:

  • Prime (Teal blue card) – 13.690 HAWK / day per NFT staked
  • Premier (Silver card) – 27.390 HAWK / day per NFT staked
  • Prestige (Gold card) – 68.490 HAWK / day per NFT staked
  • Platinum (Black card) – 136.980 HAWK / day per NFT staked

Using The Hawksight App

Login to the official website at https://hawksight.co/ and lunch the application. After opening the app, connect your wallet. 

Once logged into Hawksight, you'll see three main tabs with different pools

The image shown above depicts the home page of the DeFi part of Hawksight where you get to deposit your assets. 

With many pools of tokens in sight, you are allowed to select any of them to get your strategy running in the vault. 

Currently there are two major vaults in the DApp with more to come later. These are 

  1. USDC Stable-Yield Vault: Just like its name, the yield you will be earning from this vault in time is USDC. 
  2. SOL Stable-Yield Vault: You will be receiving SOL rewards in this Vault strategy. 

Let’s see one of the strategies. 

A Vault Strategy on Hawksight 

Using the USDC Stable-Yield

The underlying asset used as incentive in this vault is the USDC stablecoin – the world’s fastest growing stablecoin. From many DeFi protocols such as Saber, Quarry and Orca, USDC is earned in just a single click by depositing in the pool using the USDC Stable-Yield Strategy. 

The USDC stable yield pool on Hawksight

Click on which of the pools interest you and select the “Deposit” button. After that you can input the amount you want to deposit in that vault. 

Withdrawing from the USDC pool on Hawksight

When you want to remove your liquidity from the Vault, select your token pair that you deposited in the vault and click “Withdraw”. 

USH-USDC is the highest yielding pool currently, with an APY of over 24%

After a while, you can claim your USDC tokens that was earned in the vault. If it was the SOL-Stable Vault you would be receiving your earnings as SOL. 

Hawksight Super Chatbot 

Hawksight developed an intelligent alert system for Telegram and Discord applications. The cryptocurrency ecosystem moves at a very fast pace with multiple updates. With the Super Chatbot, users have access to the latest token and collectibles’ prices, buy/sell signals, on-chain analytics and breaking news. 

It comes with some predefined commands that helps you communicate with the bot properly. These commands relay the information you need from the Chatbot app. 


The Hawksight founding team is made up of two experienced founders. One of the co-founders, Bradian Muladi had founded a company that was acquired and another one that scaled to over 57 countries. The second founder is Enzo Ampil, a software engineer who previously led the development of a Document AI product that is being used by global financial institutions. With the help of other team members in different capacities, they bring their wealth of experience into the development of Hawksight so it can serve the public good. 


Hawksight raised $4.2M in a strategic token round with backing from industry-leading Web3 Venture Capital firms such as Solana Ventures and other leading crypto funds like NGC Ventures, Skyvision Capital, Petrock Capital and many more. 

Some people invested in Hawksight as individuals such as SolBigBrain, Ming Wu and Norbert Bodziony. 


Hawksight is a great application built on the ethos of core Web3 products by offering a decentralized application experience, privacy and non-custodial asset management. 


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