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One of the biggest hindrances to massive adoption in the blockchain industry is the poor user experience people have when they are just getting started with it.

Imagine telling someone they have to set up a non-custodial wallet, then they need to set up an account on a centralized exchange with their valid IDs, then transferring cryptocurrencies from that centralized platform to their wallet. The processes described might sound easy until it is tried. Most users get frustrated before getting halfway through. This has negatively affected blockchain adoption. 

The Monstre team discovered the setback faced by some of their community members who were interested in purchasing their NFTs. The steps involved in onboarding people as highlighted above is enough for them to lose interest in whatever they were initially interested in buying. Instead of ignoring the ubiquitous issues facing first timers, the Monstre team decided to find a solution to it. 

Monstre in the Solana Summer Camp

Monstrè participated in the Solana Summer Camp Hackathon where the core services they offer were quickly built from the ground up. These services make it possible to easily beige off-chain assets onto valuable on-chain assets.

For example, with Monstrè, you can easily buy stablecoins (a cryptocurrency) with your fiat money by just using the Monstrè Gift Cards/ Crypto Cash Point. Additionally, you can also mint NFTs speedily with these Monstrè Gift Cards. With tools like this for the ecosystem, founders of projects and protocols can easily implement Monstrè so as to facilitate an onboarding process with smooth and easy user experience. 

Monstrè Gift Cards 

By leveraging Solana Pay services, the following are some of the available features enabled by the Monstrè gift cards: 

USDC Monstrè Gift Cards

With a single tap on your mobile device through this Gift Card, users can receive USDC worth of their fiat directly inside their non-custodial wallet. 

NFT Gift Cards

This Gift Card enables the user to receive an NFT in their wallet. Any extra SOL spent on the mint is refunded to the wallet.  

Token Gift Cards

With this particular Gift Card cryptocurrencies (SOL or Solana-based SPL tokens) are sent into the recipient’s wallet address.  

Payments Requests

Just like the Token Gift Card, this type is used to accept any type of payments in SOL or with a Solana-based SPL token for peoples’ businesses or social causes. 

These Gift Cards serve as entry points for your community members to understand DeFi workings, NFT use cases and many things people enjoy in web3. They help in lowering the barrier facing new blockchain users. 

Monstres’ Shopping Site! 

This is the section where users select any postcard of their choice from the available ones or they can choose to customize their own. After making payments using the conventional methods available such as Apple Pay, their gift pack will be delivered to their location within 5-12 business days. 

Proceed to cart and checkout

For Web3 protocol founders seeking to implement Monstrè in their projects, there is a page for their services and the charges for their products like NFT minting and token airdrops on the official website. 


A solution like Monstrè does a lot of good for the blockchain community at large. By making it easy for new users to interact with blockchain specific processes like minting of NFTs and transacting on DeFi protocols, there will be mass adoption of people, crypto will become mainstream and  many will be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with blockchains and cryptocurrencies. 


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