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Platform built for the effective coordination of decentralized autonomous organizations.
Samudai is developing a reliable system for DAOs to collaborate on. It gives DAOs and the people who work with them access to a coordinating tool that can help with their routine tasks and needs.



With Samudai, many of the current issues facing decentralized communities are solved.

An example of the problems with a DAO is Task Management. The current structure for management DAO tasks and activities are not viable enough to be used in tracking the works being produced by DAOs.

Another example is in the aspect of allocating rewards to those who actively contribute to a DAO. Some members’ activities are not documented properly and this affects how they get a share of the rewards available.

By leveraging the all-in-one platform for Web3 communities, Samudai helps these remote-based organizations in working effectively without a lack of Task and Duty oversight. 


The individual contributors in a DAO also benefit a lot from what Samudai has to offer. Some of the advantages of the Web3 community platform for a contributor are the ability to discover opportunities that exist in the community, and a personalized credential section to prove their credibility in handling projects.     

Using Samudai

After logging into the website, you need to connect your wallet. The current version only supports an Ethereum wallet. When the app is released officially to the public, there will be support for other wallets from different blockchains like Phantom. 

Connect wallet screen on Samudai

To continue setting up, link your account to the applications shown to you and select Next. 

Selecting which apps to connect with on Samudai

If you have a portfolio you’d like to share publicly, add the links in this page prompt. 

Adding portfolio links

The two modes available are the personal contributor account and a DAO account. If you are creating a Samudai account as a DAO, select the DAO option. If you are opening the account for yourself, click on the Contributor role. 

Selecting your role as either a Contributor or a DAO.

Discover DAO helps track the DAOs building great things in the Web3 ecosystem. Samudai makes it easier to track numerous decentralized organizations without having to go through the troubles of searching for them yourself. 

The Samudai welcome screen

The Discover DAO feature enables you to see the daily metrics of any DAO listed in the section. Some of the metrics are the number of times people visit the DAO being considered, links to their socials, daily meetings and calendar plans, reviews and many more. 

Activity dashboard

One can check out the available contributors who are registered on Samudai. If there is a specific contributor in mind, you can use the search bar for quicker responses. 

Contributors screen

After selecting a contributor from the list of members available as shown above (I picked Navin | Samudai), the user’s profile page will be displayed with information about their work portfolio, the projects they are currently working on and much more. 

Profile page

By clicking on the side navigation bar, a user can easily switch between their Dashboard for personal page profile and the Discovery section. The Discovery page makes it easy to search out projects and the people working on them. 

Selecting between the Dashboard and the Discovery sections.

Just like the profile summary displayed here, registered users will have a personalized page to themselves. It makes it easier for other DAOs and members to locate people and get their contact. 

Some of the features involved in the user’s dashboard are the Portfolio links, records of badges earned for some specific jobs and activities, skill set, reviews and so on. 

Badges are earned for completing tasks in your DAO.

In the project tab is a calendar for managing project works and timestamps. 

Project task tracking page.


Samudai is building an effective platform for DAOs to work collaboratively. It enables both Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and the members contributing to them access a coordination tool that facilitates their daily work processes and needs.

The Samudai team has not released the app for the general public as it is still under active development. The Soladex content team will continue to monitor their progress and update this listing as things continue to


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