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The mobile gateway to Solana Ecosystem.
Solana wallet responsible for the August 2022 hack of over 9,000 Solana and Ethereum wallets.


UPDATE 8/3/22 – Slope Wallet is a Scam

On August 2nd, 2022, over 9,000 Solana users had their funds drained from their wallets. Around 18 hours later, the twitter account MoonRankNFT published a tweet that appears to show the Slope application sending an HTTP request containing a private key in plain text.

Developers are responsible for auditing their code and doing their due diligence to make sure that their user’s sensitive information is safe at all times.

This is not an innocent mistake. Transmitting keys in plain text should NEVER happen. The Slope team deliberately chose to push code that anyone over the age of 5 would know is dangerous.

We believe that Slope is guilty of malicious behavior, and should be held accountable by any means necessary.

Malicious code in the Slope Finance app caught red handed sending private keys over the network via plain text

Is Slope Wallet safe?

NO. Do not download Slope, and if you have it installed make sure you send your assets to a different wallet as soon as you possibly can.

You can see our recommended list of Solana wallets here or do yourself a favor and upgrade to Ledger Wallet that keeps your private keys safe at all times


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