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Solana is quickly becoming the first choice for App creators wanting to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. It's easy to see why - Solana apps are much faster and efficient than their Ethereum counterparts. View the top rated Apps on Solana below!

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Apps on Solana

Solend is the bank of the future, for everyone.
DEFI protector on BSC
Gilder Solana icon logo
Gilder is a mobile application built to manage to make it simple for users to interact with DAOs Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). With Gilder, users can partake in governance votes, track DAO activities, and review treasury balance sheets. We gave Gilder a test (currently in beta) and documented our experience.
Strata Protocol is a free launchpad that allows you to effortlessly create tokens on the Solana Blockchain.
Start accepting solana payments in minutes.
Nornir is a portfolio analysis platform currently being developed on Solana.
A trading terminal for crypto exchanges.
Earn rewards by just writing reviews for products you use daily. Revewz rewards you with $RVZ coins for writing reviews about everyday products.
GameFi services blockchain Gamers, Investors, and Traders in one Guild and Aggregator alongside a Launchpad exclusively for games.
KuCoin believes that technological progress will revolutionize the way we create and distribute value.
Steaking enables users to stake Solana in a beginner-friendly way.
Streaming Fast is implementing API solutions into Solana, allowing developers to build and maintain performant applications on top of the protocol with ease.
SOL Survivor is a messaging app and fighting game built on the Solana testnet.
Stop Minting, Start Forging.
Polarity is building a community-owned, decentralized advertising network on Solana.
Building the future of web3 messaging. Launching soon on solana, the world's fastest blockchain
Safely and simply earn high APY by holding our stablecoin. Powered by delta neutral, leveraged yield farming.
Liquid Staking Solution for All #PoS Chains. Building synthetic, reward-bearing and tradable rToken.
Leading Smart Contract Generator.Create smart contracts with no coding on any blockchain
Trustless P2P speculation protocol.
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