Solana Validator Rewards Calculator

Calculate how much money a Solana validator is making by entering the fields below. The default values represent the current figures for the Soladex Validator.

Delegated Stake Total (SOL)
Total SOL being staked with the validator
Self Staked Total (SOL)
Amount of SOL the validator owns and has staked (use this setting for private validators)
Solana Price in USD
Current price of Solana, in US Dollars.
Validator Fee (0.10 = 10%)
Percentage of rewards that the validator earns, in decimal form.
Hardware Cost in USD / Year
Total hardware costs incurred over one year
Network Cost in USD / Year
Total cost for hosting a validator for one year. Include bandwidth consumption, datacenter rent, etc.

Profitability Status

Profitable! 😊

Profitability Status

Not Profitable 😢

Gain/Loss Per Year (SOL)
Gain/Loss Per Year (USD)
Total Costs
Earnings From Delegated SOL
Voting Cost
Earnings From Self Staked SOL
Gross Earnings
SOL Earnings From Transactions