A Decentralized Exchange, or DEX for short, is a program on the Solana blockchain that allows users to exchange tokens without using a middleman. DEXs are an important part of the Solana DeFi world. Check out the best decentralized exchanges on Solana below!

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Aldrin DEX/CEX
CEX and DEX with easy to use advanced tools for yield farming, trading, and more.
1-Click Automated Investment & Yield Farming for Everyone
Decentralized Exchange built on Solana geared towards stablecoins such as USDC and USDT
Bonfida homepage
Bonfida is an all in one platform for data-driven crypto traders built on top of Solana and Serum.
Everstake is a staking platform that specializes in PoS cryptocurrencies.
The fastest NFT Marketplace on Solana.
We cover all your DeFi needs
SolAPE is an ecosystem driven by user-experience.
A trading terminal for crypto exchanges.
Primary markets for everyone.
Leverage Swaps
Hoo has multiple SOL spot trading pairs on their exchange.
Exolix is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service. Exchange cryptocurrency with floating and fixed rate without registration.
Hxro is a blockchain-based crypto gaming platform that combines skill-based social media gaming with digital currency trading.
The Fastest Dog in the Race
Arc Finance, the liquidity premium mining protocol for underlying tokenomics of DeFi 2.0 liquidity as a service(LaaS), is an AUM algorithm based DEX built on Binance Smart Chain(BSC).
A Decentralized multi asset trading platform that provides perpetual Gold, Equities, Forex , commodities ,crypto currencies and tokenized share on Solana
Sencha is the easiest place to discover and trade new crypto assets on Solana.
Under Collateralised Loan Protocol for Digital Assets
CBD brand integrated with crypto payments and NFTs
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