Infrastructure projects are designed to make interacting on Solana faster and easier.

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Notifi homepage
Embed notifications and messaging into your decentralized applications
Boring Protocol is a decentralized VPN built on Solana.
Chainstack managed blockchain services platform makes it simple to deploy & access reliable blockchain node infrastructure and APIs.
Gilder is a mobile application built to manage to make it simple for users to interact with DAOs Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). With Gilder, users can partake in governance votes, track DAO activities, and review treasury balance sheets. We gave Gilder a test (currently in beta) and documented our experience.
ALL.ART empowers all artists to succeed in the realm of NFTs
dEDI is a Web 3.0 on-ramp for legacy EDI users and providers utilizing the Solana blockchain as a transaction layer.
Neon enables dApp developers to use Ethereum tooling to scale and get access to liquidity on Solana
PlasmaPay is a fiat on-ramp that allows users to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into their applications.
Steaking enables users to stake Solana in a beginner-friendly way.
Delightful auth & Web3 onboarding. From the Creators of Formatic
The Blockchain Service Network partnered with Solana to provide convenient access for developers working with BSN’s infrastructure.
Instant API access to Solana (SOL) shared and dedicated nodes.
The ultimate blockchain development platform.
Solana Security Assessments & Audits, Risks, Economics, Mathematics, Cryptography, Full-Stack safety
An information highway on Solana
Multiplatform Messaging, Trackers Not Included.
Multichain Bridge
A generalized cross chain messaging protocol that connects Solana with other blockchains.
The safest launch pad built on SOLANA
The first contagious, social launchpad for DeFi, art and games
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