SDK stands for Software Development Kit. These are packages that make it easier for developers to learn and build on the Solana ecosystem.

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Notifi homepage
Embed notifications and messaging into your decentralized applications
Delightful auth & Web3 onboarding. From the Creators of Formatic
Solana wallet for easy micropayments
The ultimate blockchain development platform.
Solana Security Assessments & Audits, Risks, Economics, Mathematics, Cryptography, Full-Stack safety
Neodyme is a small team of security researchers and auditors with focus on the Solana ecosystem.
A user-friendly web3 app for everyday DeFi banking powered by Money Streams
Solnet is Solana's .NET SDK to integrate with the .NET ecosystem.
a solana sdk in go
Solana SDK for the Go programming language.
Solana SDK for the Python programming language.
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