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Social Media platforms built on Solana.

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Decentralized short video social networking application available on the App Store and Google Playstore
Chataverse homepage screenshot
Portal to NFT-gated communities. Powered by Solana.
Find your forever group
Put your mushrooms where your mouth is Crypto polling platform coming soon
Coban is one of the pioneers of the Solana French community. He thrives on helping newcomers navigate the Solana ecosystem. Cobán frequently hosts live Podcasts, AMAs and events for the community.
PooShi is the Solana Community’s GameFi Mascot! By Combining The Best Qualities Of Both GameFi and Meme Tokens, The PooShi Community Will Ultimately Transform Into A Metaverse DAO Platform For Digital Pioneers That Are Eager To Help Us Shape The Web3 Future!
Invest in people and make profit from their success
Multiplatform Messaging, Trackers Not Included.
Play BiG, Win BiG
News platform for decentralised reporting, editing and consumption. Publishing governed by the Sapien DAO
Reward content on Twitter with $SOL.
Democratic social media monetized for Content Creators
Blockchain-enabled TV engagement Earn crypto rewards for watching TV Preparing for takeoff"
Viral Universe for the Emerging Token Market
A collaborative filter-based search engine powered by machine learning
The Next Generation Web3 SocialFi Investment Platform “By Community For Community“
The worldwide network to help you find a job with Solana Tech
The first uncensorable, permissionless and truly open social network
The First DAO Dog Coin
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