SPL Tokens

SPL stands for Solana Program Library. SPL Tokens are commonly referred to as "altcoins", and are used to interact with programs built on Solana.

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Bonfida homepage
Bonfida is an all in one platform for data-driven crypto traders built on top of Solana and Serum.
Boring Protocol is a decentralized VPN built on Solana.
Strata Protocol is a free launchpad that allows you to effortlessly create tokens on the Solana Blockchain.
Earn rewards by just writing reviews for products you use daily. Revewz rewards you with $RVZ coins for writing reviews about everyday products.
Exolix is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service. Exchange cryptocurrency with floating and fixed rate without registration.
CBD brand integrated with crypto payments and NFTs
The Brazilian Real (BRL) backed stablecoin is now supported on the Solana blockchain.
Frontier is a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregation layer.
A generalized cross chain messaging protocol that connects Solana with other blockchains.
MEXC listed the SOL token in the Summer of 2020, and maintains multiple trading pairs.
BitKeep Wallet is an digital currency wallet and can send and receive SOL/SPL tokens.
Token vesting and payroll solution leveraging stream payments.
Switchboard is a community-curated oracle network on Solana.
Solardex is the first US based Solana Defi exchange that enables users to trade tokens on the Solana network. It will have it's own $SOLAR token which is already listed and traded.
Zelcore is a non-custodial platform for managing crypto assets and interacting with dApps. Built-in Serum DEX included.
Solmeta provides spending tokens in several metaverse projects and offers a brand new experience in the metaverse community.
Atomic is a non-custodial crypto wallet and payments gateway that supports SOL and SPL tokens.
An alternative way of payment in Africa
Supercharge your community with crypto.
Solster Finance is an IDO launchpad built on Solana.
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