Ultimate List of Solana Validators

Use this table to find the best Solana validator to stake SOL with. We update the validator rankings a once per day using an algorithmic 10 point scoring system. Contributing ranking factors include historical vote performance, server uptime, and hardware specs.

Top 30 Solana Validators

degenapeacademy Solana validator logo
Welcome to the Degen Infrastructure Core Services (D.I.C.S.) Validator. It is owned by the Degen DAOO (the Degen Ape &
rustiq Solana validator logo
Professional UK-based Solana validator. We develop a hardware accelerator for the Solana client on FPGAs. Stake on us and support
bukashka Solana validator logo
High-performing and reliable Linux server! Stake your SOL on a dedicated security professional, using the latest generation enterprise hardware in
myvidster Solana validator logo
Welcome to Team MyVidster! Based in AUSTIN TX with a 2 Gbps fiber data connection provided by the Data Foundry.
bitoku Solana validator logo
High performance Solana validator operated by Bitoku Labs.
hanoihilton Solana validator logo
Stake with us! Stake.su
backbonelink Solana validator logo
Solana Validator operated by Backbone Systems [+MEV]. We run a secure, fully redundant hardware at a private data-center with dedicated
solanaguide Solana validator logo
Running a professional and high performance validator on top tier hardware since October 2022. Stake with us to earn
bluelotus Solana validator logo
Extra returns using Jito MEV🥇 Reliable 🔐 Secure 💪 10gbps NET, 512GB RAM, AMD 24C/48T ** Twitter : @bluelotussolana ** Discord: @Padma | BlueLotus#1517
stakecraft Solana validator logo
Trustworthy Validator
solanastate Solana validator logo
Professionally managed, high-powered staking solution
ubikcosmos Solana validator logo
Ubik Capital secures major proof of stake networks and is a trusted staking provider with years of industry experience. By
nufi_vl Solana validator logo
0% fees, try NuFi wallet!
alphapro Solana validator logo
Alpha Pro | High APY🚀 100% Reliable ⭐ VIP Services
bl0cknxt Solana validator logo
Solana Validator with proven reliability and stable returns
zanetf Solana validator logo


Zane's Token Factory
hohla Solana validator logo
High-performing and reliable! Stake your SOL on a dedicated security professional, using the latest generation enterprise hardware in a secure
perfectstake Solana validator logo
A trusted staking service provider for blockchain projects: Solana, Polygon, Celo, Oasis, The Graph, Stargaze and others...
art3mis Solana validator logo
vclouds Solana validator logo
Experienced Validator located in the Netherlands. We run optimized systems to provide for the best APY | Available to answer
Syncnode Staking Services
luckystake Solana validator logo
Better stake than sorry
diman_io Solana validator logo
Solana enthusiast, early validator, community developer
Jito Labs builds high performance infrastructure for the Solana Blockchain. Stake to our validator to earn your share of MEV!
asaf91 Solana validator logo
crypro enthusiast
ama31337 Solana validator logo
Infinite Lux Crypto Service.
lalkaa Solana validator logo


True Geek
cryptopanter1 Solana validator logo
hunting in the dark for Solana
vahhhh Solana validator logo
⚡️High speed, safe, fault tolerant validator with professional 🏆 team doing best to get maximum profit for you. Relax. Stakeiteasy!
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