Ultimate List of Solana Validators

Use this table to find the best Solana validator to stake SOL with. We update the validator rankings a once per day using an algorithmic 10 point scoring system. Contributing ranking factors include historical vote performance, server uptime, and hardware specs.

Top 30 Solana Validators

banditostake Solana validator logo
Validator of the first trait based DAO Est 8/29/2021 BY SMB Breros. There is no second best attribute.
kudesnik Solana validator logo
Code to Value. Fast.
nodes24iojito0mev Solana validator logo
Nodes24 is a reliable staking validator for your crypto
chainflow Solana validator logo
Chainflow + MEV
camillemevrewards Solana validator logo
Stake with a validator in a high performance and secure data center. Running Jito validator client so you can receive
luckystake Solana validator logo
Better stake than sorry
eonpool0feemev Solana validator logo
Independent Validator | High Yield + MEV | Enterprise hardware. Join the journey to the infinite future of Solana staking
glad Solana validator logo
Stake with us! Stake.su
spectrumstakingmev Solana validator logo
Highly reliable and secure blockchain validation services managed by experienced SRE. 24x7 service monitoring. Custom purpose-built high-end hardware. Promoting network
xandeumlabs0feeapybitokuvalidator Solana validator logo
High performance validator run by the Xandeum team. Enterprise grade Antsle Two Plaid hardware, top tier datacenter with 10 Gbps
stakrspacemev Solana validator logo
Make your crypto great again!
posfreakart3miscloud Solana validator logo
lunanova Solana validator logo
An independent and experienced UK based operation, utilizing our own custom built hardware in top-tier datacentres, with systems specifically optimized
pumpkinspoolmev Solana validator logo
High Yield - Top 1% APY + No fee + MEV Sharing | Professionally run on high-end enterprise
perfectstake Solana validator logo
A trusted staking service provider for blockchain projects: Solana, Polygon, Celo, Oasis, The Graph, Stargaze and others...
hohla Solana validator logo
High-performing and reliable! Stake your SOL on a dedicated security professional, using the latest generation enterprise hardware in a secure
elgreen Solana validator logo
Intelligence and ambition will help you achieve your goals
bukashka Solana validator logo
High-performing and reliable Linux server! Stake your SOL on a dedicated security professional, using the latest generation enterprise hardware in
chorusone Solana validator logo
Stake without complexities. Chorus One provides quick staking integrations for institutions and forward thinking investors, industry-leading research, and support for
ztf Solana validator logo


Zane's Token Factory
starduststaking0commissionmevprofitshare Solana validator logo
Stardust Staking is a low fee, reputable and trusted non-custodial provider on Proof-of-Stake protocols and developer of dApps
asaf91 Solana validator logo
crypro enthusiast
High performance Proof-of-Stake blockchain validator
jstaking0feetopreturns Solana validator logo
Keeping 0% until at least 2023 · Top APR · Impeccable performance · Supporting community with sv-manage.thevalidators.io
chinupoweredbyedgevana Solana validator logo
The CHINU validator is Solana's cutest and most loyal Dog Coin Validator. The validator is operated in a secure facility
hanoihilton Solana validator logo
Unconditional 0% fee!
lamport0feejitomev Solana validator logo
Experienced Validator team is operated in a secure facility by Jito Labs. Stake to our validator to earn your share
sustainablevalidators Solana validator logo
Planting 100 trees a year for every validator we operate.
val37 Solana validator logo
rustiqtechnology Solana validator logo
Professional UK-based Solana validator. We develop a hardware accelerator for the Solana client on FPGAs. Stake on us and support
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