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Quartz helps large scale and retail investors profit from their crypto holdings. We provide professionally run, high-performance computing for crypto-related and validation workloads. Stake with Quartz and return 5-10% annually.
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Feb 2022
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This validator is taking a fair commission: 0%

Each validator node on Solana gets to decide what percentage of rewards get held as compensation for operating the validator. Most people tend to agree that 10% or less is reasonable. Validator performance is magnitudes more important than fee when it comes to overall APY. Hosting a well equipped validator can cost over $1000 a month in some cases.

Software Version

This validator is not being updated reguarly

This validator is running a very outdated version of Solana and should be avoided. Stake with us or browse the validator rankings.

Skip Rate

This validator has a high skip rate

Skip rate refers to how frequently a validator fails to do it's job of processing transactions on the network. The lower the skip rate, the better. This validator has a high skip rate, which results in lower earnings and poor overall performance. Consider staking with another validator.

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