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Ubik Capital secures major proof of stake networks and is a trusted staking provider with years of industry experience. By delegating to us, you agree to the Terms of Service at: https://ubik.capital
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Jul 2020
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This validator is taking a fair commission: 10%

Each validator node on Solana gets to decide what percentage of rewards get held as compensation for operating the validator. Most people tend to agree that 10% or less is reasonable. Validator performance is magnitudes more important than fee when it comes to overall APY. Hosting a well equipped validator can cost over $1000 a month in some cases.

Software Version

This validator is running version 1.13.6 of Solana, which is the latest

Solana has a global community of engineers working together to improve the health and security of the blockchain. It's important that validator operators keep their nodes up to date with the latest approved software version. Out of date software can lead to degraded performance of the network.

Skip Rate

This validator has a very low skip rate

Skip rate refers to how frequently a validator fails to do it's job of processing transactions on the network. The lower the skip rate, the better. This validator has a very low skip rate, indicating high quality hardware and connectivity.

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