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Node will be removed – please remove your stake

Node will be removed - please remove your stake before end of epoch
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Jun 2021
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This validator takes a higher than average commission: 100%

Each validator node on Solana gets to decide what percentage of rewards get held as compensation for operating the validator. This particular node is charging a fee higher than 10%, which is high compared to the rest of the network. Higher fees equate to a lower return for stakers.

Software Version

This validator is not being updated reguarly

This validator is running a very outdated version of Solana and should be avoided. Stake with us or browse the validator rankings.

Skip Rate

This validator has a high skip rate

Skip rate refers to how frequently a validator fails to do it's job of processing transactions on the network. The lower the skip rate, the better. This validator has a high skip rate, which results in lower earnings and poor overall performance. Consider staking with another validator.

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